The UO Story

  300 families   In early 2005, a group of volunteers founded United OUtreach of El Dorado County, a 501(c)3 non-profit, public benifit organization, to respond to the obvious and growing need for emergency shelter and supportive services for the homeless individuals and families in El Dorado County.

In March 2005, United Outreach began operating a homeless shelter called Grace Place, which offered shelter one night per week in the gymnasium at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Camino. From January through December 2006, United Outreach sheltered an average of 14 homelss adults and children for 2-3 nights per week. We then began offering shelter from November-April each year. Over theses months in 2006-2007, we sheltered an average of 19 people for 5 nights each week, expanding services to provide transportation in our van to the Camino facility, showers, and meals, serving 3,969 meals prepared by local volunteers. In 2007-2008, we hired 3 part time staff to help meet the needs of and coordinate services for the average of 28 guests sheltered each night at Grace Place in Camino.

In April 2008, the church found the needs of the homeless people had outgrown the capacity of the facility, and United Outreach needed to find another solution for housing our homeless clients. By that time, as many as 45 homeless adults and children needed shelter on the winter nights. Working without our own facility, United Outreach responded by establishing a year-round voucher Program offering emergency shelter for up to 30 days at a local motel, weekly food vouchers, and meeting weekly with Volunteer coaches to facilitate a successful transition from homelessness to sustainable, permanent housing, this program has been funded by several grants, including the Sacramento Emergency Food and Shelter Program and the El Dorado Community Foundation. The Success of the Voucher incentive Program has been absolutely amazing!

In 2009, while continuing the VIP Program, United Outreach collaborated with El Dorado County, receiving a year lease on county owned property. We were able to improve the buildings to establish Grace Place at Perks Court in Placerville. We provide transitional housing for up to 120 days and can support six individuals in the facility (due to zoning limitations). We further expanded our transitional housing program in early 2010 when the Camino Seventh-Day Adventist Church raised funds to sponsor a home in Pollock Pines to meet the ever-increasing need for shelter for homeless individuals and families. United Outreach Provides supportive services and caching to families sheltered at Grace Place. We use the Home in Pollock Pined to provide transitional housing to people surrounding their medical issues to improve health and reduce hospitalizations. We have sheltered over 300 homeless individuals and families in our program.