Brick By Brick- Alternative Giving

Gift of Shelter 

   Together we are building a pathway out of homelessness; we can

help one family or individual at a time to end the cycle of homelessness in El Dorado County. 




Here is how it works!

  • You decide to donate money for your friend’s birthday and you describe this generous contribution you’ve made in her honor, her name will be on our website’s virtual brick wall!


  • Your family of four decides to give an alternative Christmas gift. Together you agree to give $840, enough to house a family of four in a shelter for a week. Your family name will be represented on our website’s virtual brick wall!


  • Your children decide that they will run a lemonade stand to raise money to help the homeless, they work hard and raise $55 and donate it to United Outreach. You help teach them that the value of the $55 will provide shelter for a family for one night in a motel. Their name will be represented on our website’s virtual brick wall!


  • Your school decides that they will create a fundraiser to support kids experiencing homelessness. A child in the transitional housing program costs about $30 a night. As a school you organize a fun run, a carwash, a bake sale, a concert or any other creative event and donate the $ you raise to United Outreach. The money will support a student experiencing homelessness to have shelter, food and a safe place to do homework. You create a monetary goal that correlates to a number of nights to help teach the value of the money to the participating students. Your school’s name gets a brick of honor on United Outreach website’s virtual brick wall!


  • You own a business or collaborate with a business to hold a fundraiser. For example, a restaurant could donate 10% of their profits on a specified night for three hours to fundraise for United Outreach. You create a flyer, advertise your fundraiser, donate the money raised and your name or your businesses name will be on United Outreach website’s virtual brick wall!


  • Need volunteer hours for school? You could plan and hold a fundraiser to complete your hours or contact us for other volunteers opportunities.



The possibilities are limitless to support homeless families!




Working with students? Below are monetary values to help create a goal for your fundraising project!

One person costs $30 daily in transitional housing

A family of four would cost $30 x 4 = $120 a day, $840 a week

 One motel night is $55 - same for an individual, a family of 2 or a family of 5

A motel for a week is $55 x 7 = $385